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Starting on June 22nd, DesignWanted will explore deeply the current and future state of mobility, investigating how design and architecture are developing transportation to safer, smarter, more efficient and sustainable standards.

5 days dedicated to understanding how technological innovations and changes in people’s behaviour are shaping the world of mobility.

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Janjir Maddadi

Live Talks

Patrick Simoni

Articles & Interviews

Patrick Simoni

Case Studies

Our Guests

From design studios to architecture firms and transportation services: we have invited a range of innovators to study how mobility will transform and evolve.

  • ARUP
  • Carlo Ratti Associati
  • Pininfarina
  • Studio Schwitalla
  • Seymourpowell
  • UBER
  • Virgin Hyperloop One

How are people moving around in 2020?

A newsletter filled with interviews and articles involving mobility experts & professionals to discover the latest advancements transforming the way people move through design, architecture and technology.

What will be discussed?

Electric powered vehicles, ride-sharing & on-demand services, autonomous driving, advanced sensors and interconnected vehicles: discover how tech-based innovations are affecting mobility and how design and architecture are supporting the chance.

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